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Unveiling Valerio Duchini’s Vision for B&B HOTELS: A Glimpse into Leadership and Strategy

By Gavin Fraser | March 14, 2024

In a dynamic interview with Valerio Duchini, President CEO at B&B HOTELS US, we gained insight into his leadership style, strategic vision, and the future of the hospitality industry.

His leadership style revolves around teamwork, delegation, and shared vision. He emphasizes the importance of making every team member feel valued and included in the company’s journey. Duchini believes in the power of collaboration and acknowledges that success cannot be achieved alone. Talent, teamwork, and a unified vision are essential elements in his leadership approach.

B&B HOTELS US strategic focus involves expanding brand identity across the vast landscape of the United States. With more than 770 hotels under its belt and a revenue close to $1.3 billion in 2023, the brand’s emphasis is on concentrated growth in specific states like Florida and Texas to enhance brand value. Unlike some competitors, B&B Hotels US manages all its properties, prioritizing quality and consistency.

Duchini’s background in finance, coupled with his experience at Vodafone and his journey from scratch in the hospitality industry, have shaped his approach to managing objectives and people. He emphasizes the importance of revenue development, maintaining the right balance of price and quality, and aligning technology with customer expectations to enhance the overall guest experience.

B&B HOTELS looks forward to attracting investors in 2024 to venture into the midscale and upper-midscale hotel segments. Simplifying the customer journey and integrating technology, such as using mobile phones for room keys, are key focus areas. Duchini recognizes the importance of social interaction for guests and emphasizes the need for a seamless technological interface to enhance guest experiences.

Duchini’s mantra revolves around finding and opening hotels, revenue management, and ensuring quality. He underscores the significance of understanding customer preferences, leveraging technology, and providing a single point of contact for all guest processes to enhance overall satisfaction.

Valerio Duchini’s leadership at B&B HOTELS US is defined by a strategic blend of teamwork, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. His vision for the future of the brand encompasses growth, technological advancement, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences. As B&B HOTELS US continues to expand its footprint across the United States, Duchini’s leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory in the competitive hospitality industry.


Gavin Fraser

Gavin Fraser is an Editor at Hotel Interactive, a leading provider of online resources and information for the hospitality industry serving as a hub for industry news, trends, and insights. Gavin covers the hospitality sector for hotelinteractive.com, distributes its e-newsletter, and moderates panel discussions for the company’s BITAC events.

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