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Hotel Interactive, Inc.
Phone: (631) 424-7755
Fax: (631) 424-8797
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Rich Viola
Rich Viola
(631) 424-7755 x102
j. viola
Joseph Viola Jr.
Chief Operating Officer
(631) 424-7755 x106
Diane Viola
Diane Viola
Chief Financial Officer
(631) 424-7755 x107
Rebecca LeMoine
SVP Operations & Quality Assurance
(631) 424-7755 x121
Joe Waskewich
Art/Technical Director
(631) 424-7755 x110
Emily Melgar
Vice President of Sales
(415) 215-4427
Lara Shaw
Vice President of Sales
(631) 424-7755 x124
Gavin Fraser
(631) 424-7755 X135
Heather Cejovic
Vice President of Sales
(631) 424-7755 X151
Jim Nelson
Editor | Senior Living News
(631) 333-1999 x142
Mike LeMoine
Mike LeMoine
Director of Event Operations
(631) 424-7755 x139
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