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Enseo Kicks Off 2022 By Exceeding More Than 130 Patents

PLANO, TX–Enseo, the premier technology services provider offering solutions in hospitality, senior living, and education, is starting strong in 2022, celebrating 134 patents over the course of its 22-year history. Enseo’s comprehensive patent portfolio now includes both the foundational technology essentials deployed throughout the world, as well as critical innovations and enhancements to products like emergency alert system MadeSafe®, IoT-based room control energy management functionality, in-room guest engagement, and more.

Crossing the 100-patent mark is an impressive milestone for any technology company to achieve, and Enseo has surpassed that by a large margin. The Texas company is committed to ingenuity with every product developed for in-room entertainment, room control, managed WiFi, and health & safety solutions. Since its founding in 2000, Enseo has experienced dramatic growth, in large part due to its commitment to ingenuity and innovation. The core engineering background has enabled Enseo to transition from a technology product company into a services company, and is now expanding into new verticals as a result.

“Enseo’s extensive patent portfolio is one of the many reasons for the company’s success,” noted Kris Singleton, Enseo president and CIO. “Innovation has always been part of the draw for our customers; we’re known not just for our solid platform, but for always advancing our technology and creating more features and functionality that improve both operations and the user experience.”

Enseo founder, Vanessa Ogle, has 120 patents along with a team of inventors at Enseo. She is the lead inventor on more than 85 of those patents, a rare achievement, as women make up only 7.7 percent of primary inventors who hold patents. Additionally, Ogle is one of the few female inventors with more than 50 patents alongside Radia Perlman, Beulah Louise Henry, and Carolyn Bertozzi.

“I was thrilled Enseo exceeded the 100-patent milestone. It is gratifying to see the US patent and trademark office honor the innovation and ingenuity that Enseo has invested in for more than 20 years. I’m also honored to be one of the few females and women of color inventors to be awarded a U.S. patent,” said Vanessa Ogle, Enseo’s founder.

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