Alliants Appoints Gareth Fraser as Vice President, Sales Enablement & Operations

January 16, 2024

Alliants, the provider of customer experience expertise and technology, has appointed Gareth Fraser as Vice President, Sales Enablement & Operations.

Gareth is an exceptional communicator and sales & marketing professional who has previously held C-level positions with top global companies including BirchStreet Systems, Cargill, and News Corp.

CEO of Alliants, Tristan Gadsby, said, “Alliants has ambitious growth plans, so we are thrilled to welcome Gareth to our team as we meet the ever-increasing demand for innovative digital solutions that deliver first-class customer experiences.”

Working out of Florida, Gareth is strategically positioned to increase awareness and build relationships.

He said, “Florida is crucial because Miami and Orlando are such big hospitality markets. Since global hospitality was flattened by Covid, the industry has been reinventing itself as never before, embracing digitization, automation, and key technologies to enhance guest experience and deliver profitability to investment stakeholders.”

Gareth is an Australian who has lived in the US since 1994. He is a world panel advisor at Hospitality Net, a certified member of the International Hospitality Institute, and a customer experience advisor at the University of South Florida.

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