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AAHOA Commends Florida Attorney General Crackdown On Vacation Rental Scams

July 22, 2022

ATLANTA–AAHOA, the nation’s largest hotel owners association, commends Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody’s crackdown on vacation rental scams.

Attorney General Moody tweeted that she was kicking off a Summer Scam Series with a focus on fake vacation rental ads. She included tips to avoid rental scams and announced a new consumer protection series about vacation rental scams.

AAHOA stands behind Attorney General Moody and her dedication to protecting communities and travelers.

“Florida’s kickoff of the Summer Scam Series with a focus on fake vacation rental ads is a much-needed first step regarding short-term rental regulation,” said AAHOA President & CEO, Laura Lee Blake. “We must be aggressive when it comes to fake postings offering vacation rental properties, and hold the scammers accountable. AAHOA commends Attorney General Moody’s crackdown, and remains committed to protecting all our valued tourists and visitors.”

Attorney General Moody’s office issued a press release describing how the scammers behind these ads are taking advantage of unknowing tourists.

It describes how these scammers:

  • Create fake listings
  • Often request an application fee or security deposit
  • Rental listing disappears along with the consumer’s money after they pay
  • Vacationers show up only to find that the actual owners of the property have no record or intention of renting

“Florida is one of the top tourist destinations in America,” said AAHOA Chairman Neal Patel. “Preventing travelers from falling for this scheme falls under AAHOA’s mission to advance and protect the business interests of hotel owners, who are committed to the reputable property owners in the hospitality industry.”

AAHOA urges all travelers to take extra precautions, pay attention to red flags, and report anything suspicious when renting a vacation home to ensure you’re getting the vacation you’re hoping and paying for.

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