The Indigo Road Hospitality Group Appoints Director of Outdoor Experiences

March 9, 2023

The Indigo Road Hospitality Group (IRHG) has appointed Zach Girgenti as director of Outdoor Experiences. Working closely with the company’s founder and chief visionary officer, Steve Palmer, and Larry Spelts, president of Indigo Road’s Lodging & Lifestyle Adventures division, Girgenti is responsible for creating meaningful outdoor experiences for the guests at Indigo Road’s boutique hotels while ensuring everyone feels safe, cared for, and inspired by being surrounded by nature’s beauty.

“The outdoors remind us to step back, slow down, and appreciate the world around us,” Spelts said. “Nobody understands that better than Zach. An outdoorsman at heart, his appreciation for nature and adventurous spirit make him the right person for this newly created role, especially given his previous experience in operations as he will seamlessly blend his passion with his training. His relentless enthusiasm for sharing nature’s blessings with others is contagious.”

Before taking on his new role, Girgenti held the internal position of taskforce manager, where he traveled from property to property to provide support training, and guidance. Previously, he served as the general manager of O-Ku Sushi in Charlotte, NC, overseeing the restaurant’s day-to-day operations. Earlier, Girgenti served as an opener to open new restaurants, training new teammates and implementing helpful procedures for the teams. He began his career in hospitality as a server at O-Ku Sushi before moving on to Oak Steakhouse in the same position.

“Showing others the beauty of the outdoors and creating opportunities for them to connect with it on a deeper level is a responsibility I take seriously,” Girgenti said. “Whether it’s through hiking, camping, or simply spending time in nature, I always strive to create outdoor experiences that inspire a love and appreciation for the great outdoors and encourage people to make it a part of their daily lives.”

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