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M3 Unleashes Cutting-Edge, Next-Generation Accounting Platform

November 1, 2023

M3 Accounting Services, Inc., the pioneer of hospitality-specific accounting software and the hospitality industry’s #1 rated cloud-based accounting, financial reporting, and data management platform, has announced the launch of its new and intuitive, web-based accounting platform, M3 CoreSelect. Leveraging the voice of the hospitality sector customer, this new, state-of-the-art solution is designed from the perspective of a hotelier and built to facilitate hotel accounting from start to finish. M3’s new CoreSelect software introduces a new era of hospitality tech advancement and innovation crafted by hoteliers for hoteliers.

The CoreSelect solution caters specifically to hotel owners, operators, and management companies managing portfolios of one to five hotels.

The innovative CoreSelect solution delivers necessary data import automation for key stats and metrics. M3 has introduced technology throughout the application that centers around M3’s innovative M3 Concierge in-app assistance tool. This invaluable feature comes at no additional cost and provides embedded step-by-step help content throughout the system, effectively addressing frequently asked questions without the need for support calls, tickets, or third-party assistance. Users can simply “ask” the system for guidance on virtually any desired task or action, and it will promptly provide the necessary assistance.

This self-service accounting solution empowers users to effortlessly enter and manage their property’s financial data by leveraging M3’s renowned processes and reporting capabilities while removing the tedious process of gathering, integrating, and managing data from multiple systems. M3 Concierge is always on the clock and ready to help.

“M3 aims to deliver value, efficiency, and robust automation within a simplistic software eco-system designed for smaller hoteliers,” said Scott Watson, M3’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “These hoteliers should have access to industry-specific technology without paying ERP prices. The initial target market for M3 CoreSelect is hotel portfolios currently relying on manual solutions or off-the-shelf products that are not hospitality specific.”

“Using M3’s groundbreaking CoreSelect solution helps improve financial performance by automating data entry and enhancing day-to-day accounting functions,” Casi Johnson, President of M3, said. “Users can easily spot trends and opportunities for improvement, which allows them to take action immediately and plan proactively.

“Our team has been building this new solution as part of our ongoing commitment to the hotel industry to deliver new technology and advanced functionality. We listen to what our customers love about our current products and what additional functionality and tools they are looking for in a next-generation tool. As a result, we created M3 CoreSelect to help lead customers into the future of hospitality-specific accounting software. This is the first of many new things to come at M3.”

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