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Charlestowne Hotels Promotes Max Spangler to VP of Technology 

August 23, 2023

Charlestowne Hotels announced Tuesday the promotion of Maxwell Spangler to Vice President of Technology. During his 10-year tenure at Charlestowne, Spangler has overseen the strategic growth of the company’s evolving tech stack and road map, developing and deploying new software and systems, and identifying continued opportunities for innovation.  

“Max’s vast knowledge of the technology sector and his thoughtful leadership have been indispensable to Charlestowne’s continued growth,” said Kyle Hughey, Chief Executive Officer of Charlestowne Hotels. “With a keen pulse on industry trends and the tech landscape, Max is always a few steps ahead, keeping Charlestowne ahead of the curve when it comes to imaginative solutions. His growth within our organization is a testament to an unyielding desire for excellence, and a dedication to shepherding our team through the ever-changing currents of innovation.” 

In his previous role, Spangler has led on implementing cutting-edge tech tools across Charlestowne’s portfolio of 40+ properties. He has ensured Charlestowne’s in-house team and on-site property managers are nimble enough to embrace emerging tech trends and also fully understand best practices surrounding key industry topics, such as information security and data integrity. 

Most notably, Spangler helped Charlestowne adapt during the pandemic to ensure long-term resilience as the hospitality industry shifted to technologies that enhanced safety, improved operational efficiency, and reimagined how to attract and serve guests.  

Spangler spent the early part of his career working in front-of-house and corporate positions within the Charlestowne Hotels portfolio. Some of his key achievements include obtaining optimum performance in financial reporting and strategic capital planning for a range of independent properties and designing and deploying new software—like the Groupify hospitality application—which Charlestowne used to manage and increase profitability for group business. Spangler’s new role enables him to join other VPs in lending strategy and building out more tools to support Charlestowne’s continued growth.  

“It’s been a joy to be part of Charlestowne’s portfolio growth over the years, and I look forward to bringing my passion for technology to our team in an even more impactful way through this new role,” said Spangler. “The company’s commitment to marrying timeless service culture with ongoing innovation is evident in the evolution of our tech team. I’m proud to be part of a forward-thinking company that embraces best practices and welcomes new ideas in the tech sector.” 

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