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AHLA: Proposed NLRB Rule Would Significantly Harm Hotels and Franchise Mod

December 8, 2022

The American Hotel & Lodging Association today strongly opposed the National Labor Relations Board’s proposed regulations to establish a new “joint-employer standard” under the National Labor Relations Act in comments submitted to the board. AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers also released the following statement opposing the regulations.

“If implemented, NLRB’s proposed ‘joint-employer’ rule would have a chilling effect on the hotel industry and the entire U.S. franchising model,” said AHLA President & CEO Chip Rogers. “It would minimize franchisees’ control over their own businesses, severely complicate hotels’ ability to contract with independent vendors and allow courts and government bureaucrats to subjectively determine joint-employment liability. We strongly oppose these proposed changes and urge the NLRB to keep in place the current joint-employer standard. It provides predictability and stability for a successful franchising model that’s one of the top pathways to the American Dream for minority business owners.”

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