Tharaldson Hospitality Management Raises Minimum Wage In California Hotels

May 18, 2021

CA– Tharaldson Hospitality Management (THM) is excited to announce that in May of 2021, they have increased minimum wage for all associates in California to $15 an hour.

This change comes seven months ahead of the state-wide minimum wage increase, which the state of California has slated to begin on January 1, 2022.

“We are increasing the minimum wage in California to $15 an hour now—seven months ahead of the California mandate—as our way of thanking our essential employees,” says Aimee Fyke, Chief Operating Officer of THM. “Our company could not have survived the pandemic without our essential staff members. We want our team to know they are valued and appreciated.”

In April of 2021, THM introduced a $250 employee sign-on bonus. THM has also been offering an additional referral bonus of $200 for hourly employees and a $1000 referral bonus for manager positions.

“Our most important asset is our people,” says Gary Tharaldson, founder and CEO of THM. “I announced last week that I funded our profit-sharing plan following one of the worst years for the hospitality industry that I have witnessed since I acquired our first hotel in 1982. We believe in investing in our teams.”

THM is introducing this higher minimum wage in order to show their appreciation for all associates, as well as to exemplify the importance of all of their essential workers in California.

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