SynergyMMS Responds to COVID-19 by Releasing New Features & Strategies for Hotel Operations

OHIO – In response to the AHLA’s new “Safe Stay” program and similar initiatives in hospitality employed by many of the major brands, Systems Associates, Inc. (SAI) has developed new features in its flagship product, SynergyMMS, that are designed to support the new emphasis on employee and guest safety as they impact hotel operations.

Many properties have implemented new inspections and public space disinfecting routines leveraging SynergyMMS to ensure timely execution of these tasks as well as accountability. In addition to inspections, SynergyMMS has also added the following options to our PerfectRoom® rooms processing app to help streamline tasks and protect both employees and guests.

  1. Skip Stay-Over Cleaning: In some instances, properties may implement a policy to forego cleaning of the room while the guest is in-house and only clean the room upon check out. PerfectRoom can be configured to handle this easily.
  2. Delay Check Out Cleaning: If there is a desire to delay the cleaning of a room for “X” days after a guest is checked out, PerfectRoom can be configured to delay the check out clean assignment accordingly. This is typically done to reduce the opportunity for team members to be exposed to surface contaminants.
  3. 3rd Party Interface Enhancements: In the event a property leverages guest-facing technology that allows guests to request or refuse room cleaning services on demand (in-room tablets, apps, voice assistants, etc.), PerfectRoom supports the ability to process these requests via our existing 3rd Party Interface.
  4. Pop-Up Alert at Start of Shift for Guest Room Attendants (GRA): The PerfectRoom App now offers an alert that displays as GRA’s login at the beginning of their shift. This alert is customizable and typically used to confirm the GRA has the proper disinfectants and supplies on their cart prior to starting their shift.
  5. Pop-Up Alert Every “X” Hours: In addition to the start of shift alert, there is now an available pop-up alert to remind GRA’s to perform certain actions on a standard interval, such as washing their hands every 2 hours. Both the content of the message and the frequency of the alert can be customized.
  6. Pop-Up Alert Upon Starting a Room: The final additional pop-up alert displays as a GRA starts a given room and can be used to remind them to employ the proper PPE, for example.

All pop-up alerts are configurable including any message content and, like the rest of the app, multilingual message content is supported. In addition, the frequency of alerts is configurable for those that are time-based. Any or all pop-ups can be enabled or disabled per property as desired.

These new features are designed to assist brands with implementing new standards of operation and to ensure required protocols are followed. They are available in both iOS and Android versions of the app currently in the app stores.

For questions or further information, contact our sales team at info@synergymms.com or by calling 419-354-3900.

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