Stephanie Atkisson Vice President Of Sales, Marketing And Revenue

September 26, 2022

HOOVER, AL–HP Hotels, a full-service third-party hotel management company, announced that it has named Stephanie Atkisson Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Revenue. Kerry Ranson, HP Hotels’ CEO, made the announcement.

Stephanie has spent the greater part of her hospitality career with the HP Hotels organization with over 14 years with the company. After leaving HP in 2019, Stephanie moved into a meeting planner and hospitality consultant position. Now back home with HP Hotels taking on a new role of Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Revenue.

As Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Revenue Stephanie is responsible for developing and managing the company’s direct sales and marketing efforts, overseeing the corporate and field sales and revenue teams, and providing support, direction and oversight as they work to maximize revenue and market share performance. In her new role, Stephanie works with the HP Hotels’ senior executive team and is actively involved with the development and growth plans of the enterprise.

“We are thrilled that Stephanie is resuming a full-time role with HP Hotels as we work aggressively to grow our third-party management portfolio. She is an outstanding self-starter in this industry who has great energy and unique insights to contribute to our executive team,” Ranson said.

“This is an exciting time for our industry and our company as we apply lessons learned during the pandemic to explore new ways to regrow and strengthen business in the future. It’s great to be back with at HP Hotels. The company has always felt like home for me,” Atkisson said.

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