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Single Digits Announces PlatformONE

Single Digits launched its new PlatformONETM.  A major evolution of their industry leading ‘Business Authentication Platform (BAP)’, PlatformONE offers property and venue owners a wide range opportunities to leverage the latest advancements in wireless connectivity including 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint®, and next generation IoT.  PlatformONE delivers a single integrated network management plane for delivering fully managed solutions and optimizing their guests’, residents’ and customers’ Connected Life ExperienceTM.

Together with Single Digits’ Global Services and Support organization, PlaftformONE will enable existing and new customers alike the opportunity to seamlessly and simply  leverage network opportunities previously unavailable including network monetization via fully integrated roaming and carrier offload services, hyper targeted promotion and customer engagement, as well as an array of real-time big data and customer analytics capabilities.  Single Digits now has the capability to dynamically create and support new customer-defined user journeys as never before.  Faster, easier and at a lower cost to customers, the platform’s agility means customers now have the ability to deliver connectivity experiences that quickly evolve with their business objectives and their customers’ expectations.


PlatformONE is an ideal solution for property and venue owners interested in leveraging new or existing networks to enhance their customers’ experience and to build value in their business.  Moreover, it allows property owners the ability to gather valuable information on resident, guest and customer needs and expectations, enabling them to tailor their wireless connectivity experience to meet and exceed their customers’ rapidly evolving requirements.

“The days of ‘good enough Wi-Fi’ are behind us” said Stephen Singlar, CEO of Single Digits.  “Our customers expect the ability to not only take advantage of the latest in connectivity technology in their networks, but to leverage them as a growth asset in their business -our PlatformONE makes that opportunity a reality.”

To find out more about PlatformONE and Single Digits’ comprehensive portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions and services, visit:

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