ODA Architecture Initiates Design Task Force To Define Post Pandemic Solutions

CHARLOTTE, NC—With any crisis comes innovation. How should architects, hotel brands and developers rethink hotel design after the coronavirus pandemic? ODA Architecture has created a task force of architects, engineers and hygienists to investigate strategies to lessen the risk and spread of bacteria, mold spores and, viruses and create healthier environments for hotels and buildings.

The COVID-19 pandemic will cause the world to approach life a little differently. “Cleanliness and sterilization of environments are going to be front and center in people’s minds and will create a paradigm shift in hotel and building design,” remarks, Stephen Overcash, Principal, ODA Architecture.

Self-cleaning rooms, touchless/voice command technology and the use of robotics are a few examples of strategies that should be implemented into the planning of new hotels and the renovations of existing hotels. The task force is exploring finishes and materials that are less susceptible to germs. Studies indicate copper, for example, does not hold viruses on its surface. Could a finish be created with copper elements to reduce germs? And what other finishes could be used?

“The importance of keeping people safe and secure will be instrumental in the design process. This could be approached similar to the Architectural changes put in place for ADA compliance or environmental strategies implemented for LEED certification,” shares Stephen Overcash, Principal, ODA Architecture.

ODA Architecture’s Design Task Force initiative will serve as a guide for clients to use in the design process and could instill a competitive edge. Research continues and the need to be innovative during this time of change and will be instrumental in future hotel design. If you have ideas, resources and insight, please share with Stephen Overcash at sovercash@oda.us.com.

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