North Central Group Strengthens Senior Leadership Through Key Promotions

June 8, 2022

MADISON, WI–North Central Group (NCG), a leader in real estate development, and hospitality management, is excited to announce several new promotions within its senior leadership team. The organization has seen rapid growth in recent years, and these new leaders will help NCG continue its trajectory.

The company, which manages a portfolio of 29 hotels and conference centers, has made a commitment to make 2022 “The Year of the Team Member.” This initiative will focus on developing and retaining top talent, and these promotions are a key part of that strategy.

“We are a company that lives our core values, one of which is growth. We clearly understand and embrace the reality that our team members are the foundation of our company’s commitment to excellence and ultimately determine our success,” said NCG CEO Jonathan Bogatay. “We continue to look for ways to unlock and leverage the experience, talents, skills, abilities and passion of our amazing team, creating opportunities to make meaningful progress on their journey to becoming the very best version of themselves.”

The following team members have been promoted:

Jeff Lenz – President and Chief Asset Officer: Previously President and Chief Development Officer, Lenz will be responsible for the preparation and administration of NCG’s Asset Management Strategy, throughout the entire life cycle, from acquisition to disposition and the ongoing development and strategic implementation of all asset-related initiatives within the NCG business plan. Lenz has been with NCG for 23 years.

Eric Rottier – Chief Operating Officer: Previously Senior VP Of Operations, Rottier, who has been with NCG for 18 years, will be responsible for the overall operations and optimized performance of NCG’s portfolio of hotels, restaurants, conference centers and multi-family units, including all owned and operated as well as third-party properties.

Andy Inman – Chief Development Officer: Previously VP Of Development, Inman, who has been with the company for 8 years, will oversee and lead the team efforts in the development, design and construction of all development, renovation execution and capital projects for any new and existing NCG projects.

Kim Richter – VP of Community and Investor Relations: Previously Director of Community and Investor Relations, Richter, who has been with NCG for 8 years, will now be responsible for developing relationships with key charitable organizations and will lead NCG in assessing charitable partners and overall focus while successfully developing and implementing company-wide projects with current and future investment partners.

Additionally, special recognition to Cathy Gillman, who will be semi-retiring from NCG after 16 years of service. She will continue to serve as Vice President and General Counsel and a member of the NCG Advisory Board.

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