Maestro Asks: ‘How Serious is Your PMS Provider About Service?’

Markham, Ontario — As independent hoteliers work diligently to prepare for reopening, many are struggling to get the support they need to ensure their property-management systems and integrated solutions are ready for guests’ return. Those who are dissatisfied with their provider’s lack of customer service are turning to Maestro, known industrywide for its Diamond Plus service. The cloud and on-premise PMS provider offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools designed to maximize operational efficiency and staff productivity backed by a 24/7 call center; free version upgrades; on demand live one-on-one refresher training; in application live chat, online user guides, tutorials and direct email support; complimentary live learning webinars; an e-Learning user website; and professional productivity audits.

“Many independent hoteliers tell us they are feeling dissatisfied and neglected when it comes to service from their legacy PMS providers,” said Warren Dehan, Maestro President. “Calls are not being answered or are provided in limited hours and from offshore centers, messages are not being returned, and requests for software upgrades to support today’s touchless technologies are not being accommodated. They say they are looking for a service culture change.”

“We entered into the custom software development business 42 years ago not to create IT problems for business owners, but to solve them,” he said. “Software can get complicated, especially in today’s hotel environment where integrations to 20-plus systems is not uncommon. As technologists, we found a way to make hoteliers’ IT lives easier. We built stable products that don’t require constant fixing; developed a service culture centered around accessibility that enables people to access live agents, live chat support, and online training at their own pace; and we offer lifetime version upgrades and enhancements as part of our subscription fees because we believe hoteliers should never be forced to purchase a PMS system again when technology changes occur.”

Satisfied Customer Says It All

Although Maestro’s touchless technologies and apps are widely popular today amidst COVID-19, it’s the company’s Diamond Plus Service that is keeping its customers loyal for the long term. The Grove Hotel in Boise, Idaho, has been a Maestro PMS user for more than a decade. General Manager Steve Steading said hands down, Maestro’s Diamond Plus service is better than any other PMS support offering in the market – and he said he is familiar with most.

“On the rare chance that we need to call Maestro for help, we know that 99 percent of the time, someone will answer the call within the first few rings,” Steading said. “Their service culture is unlike anything I have ever experienced; it’s by far the best in this business. Most of our front desk staff who work within the Maestro PMS are of the 18 to 24 age range, and they have a quick understanding of how to work in a web environment. Onboarding and training for them is exceptionally easy. They can check guests in or out as needed, and then resume watching training videos or listing to webcasts in Maestro’s eLearning Center. It really allows us to be more flexible with time management while maintaining the highest levels of guest service.

“What also sets Maestro apart from other PMS providers is its free lifetime upgrades,” he said. “That’s just not something that is typically offered by other companies today; usually hotels have to pay the upgrade cost upfront or it is absorbed by the subscription fee. This is a big plus for us, especially in today’s economy with lower-than-normal occupancies. Because Maestro doesn’t nickel and dime us for every little add on, we are able to leverage some of the newer contactless technologies that today’s travelers are demanding and invest in more modules to further improve on our operational efficiencies. The bottom line is that Maestro saves us money, time, and headaches. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Touchless Tools, Contactless Installation

Maestro’s touchless technologies are designed to reduce or eliminate the need for physical contact between guests and staff. The integrated suite of modules and third-party vendor integration solutions include web/mobile/kiosk check-in with mobile key integration, online prepayment portal, express mobile check-out, electronic signature capture, and configurable 48-hour room availability that creates gaps in room reservation spacing to allow time for complete room sanitization. Mobile Spa Provider Schedule, Mobile Intake and Waiver Forms for Guests, and eSignature Document Management are just a few of the many additional tools available now with more being developed in response to client demand.

Dehan said his sales team fields calls daily from prospects complaining that their current PMS provider does not have a contactless technology offering, does not have a responsive client first service culture or because they are being required to move from an on-premise solution to one that is cloud based. Maestro takes the challenge out of deciding between limited options by offering flexible and scalable deployment options with an identical full-featured web browser or windows solution available cloud hosted, on premise, or can be deployed in a client’s private cloud. Plus, its revenue-generating hotel management software tools and services increase profitability, drive direct bookings, centralize operations and provide personalized and mobile guest service tools to enhance and digitize the guest journey.

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