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Lennox Miami Beach Announces Reopening On June 5th

May 29, 2020

MIAMI—Lennox Miami Beach, an AAA Four Diamond boutique hotel located in what was once the Peter Miller Hotel built in 1936 and a Collins Avenue landmark, is pleased to announce its plan to reopen its doors on June 5th. Since its closing in March, the hotel has worked diligently develop new and heightened sanitation standards due to COVID-19 and implement rigorous staff training, while assuring its luxury offering in the safest and most comfortable environment when guests return.

“We are proud to announce the reopening of the hotel as we continue to work closely with local authorities and national organizations to keep our new protocols up to standard and ensure the safety of our staff and guests,” said Diego Agnelli, CEO of Lennox Hotels. “Limiting occupancy rates, wearing gloves and masks, maintaining physical distance from guests while still providing a luxurious experience are among the areas we are focusing on at Lennox Miami Beach.”

Some of the measures outlined for Lennox Miami Beach’s reopening include:

· Staff Training, especially on COVID-19 safety and proper disinfection protocols, as well as providing continuous information on regulations and resources to maintain a safe environment. In addition, each employee will use appropriate Personal Protection Equipement (PPE) on-site, according to their role and responsibilities and in compliance with state or local regulations and guidelines. Some employees will also use gloves if their responsibilities require it as determined by medical experts, including housekeeping employees and assistants in public areas that are in direct contact with guests.
· Guest Arrival – Upon arrival to the hotel, guests will be asked to have their temperature checked and will be provided with a face mask and antibacterial gel for their hands. Bellman will disinfect all luggage before entering the premises. If a guest temperture screening confirms a temperature above 100.0º F, the visitor will be denied entry to the property, directed to medical care, and provided with resources and recommendations based on CDC and local health authority guidelines.
· Physical Distancing measures have been implemented throughout the hotel whereas guests will be advised to stay at least six feet away from other groups of people who are not traveling with them while waiting in line, waiting for elevators, or moving around the property. Restaurant tables will be arranged to ensure proper distancing and each area of the hotel will comply with state or local occupancy limits. In addition, signs will be posted on the elevator floor to remind guests to maintain social distance and no more than four guests per elevator will be allowed.
· Guest Room Disinfection – All guestrooms will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sealed with a disinfection label prior to guest entry, assuring complete preparation for their arrival. Each guest room will receive a COVID-19 awareness card that describes the health and disinfection measures being taken in the hotel. A bottle of disinfectant spray and/or wipes will be provided in each room for guest use. Upon check-out, each room will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the rooms will be sealed with a disinfectant label. Each room will be empty for 24 hours between guest occupations and no room changes will occur until the next day of request.
· Public Spaces and Communal Areas have also been addressed with increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection to all public spaces, with an emphasis on frequently touched surfaces such as reception check-in counters, desks, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public toilets, room keys and locks, escalator and escalator handrails, gymnasium equipment, dining room surfaces and seating areas.

Located at the heart of the area’s Historic District, Lennox Miami Beach has transformed the property while maintaining its legacy by retaining its original Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival architectural style exterior and converting it into a livable landmark. The five-star boutique hotel is running a 20% off Summer Promo to welcome back guests through the end of September. Guests who book directly through the hotel’s website will receive complimentary valet parking.

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