Hotel Management Services, Inc. Has Relaunched Under New Name And Brand

April 7, 2022

JOHNSON CITY, TN–Hotel Management Services, Inc. (HMS)—a national provider of 3rd party management services for the hospitality industry—has recently relaunched their organization under a new name and brand, Envoy Hospitality. The change comes as the company looks to expand their services and focus their efforts on a people-first culture.

HMS, Inc. was established in 2010 to create a suite of services and tools that provide “The Delight in Hospitality” within hotel chain organizations to better serve guests and provide a superior return for our investment partners. “As a faith-based company our beliefs guide our direction,” explains, Phillip Cox, Principal of Envoy Hospitality. “Rebranding has been an effort we’ve been working on over the past year to help us better articulate our position in the market and give our team a clear picture of how we want to serve every guest under our care.”

The new Envoy Hospitality brand brings the company’s offering of hotel operations support, revenue and risk management, vendor relation management, and development services under a common focus on their core belief that “People Matter”. The name Envoy comes from the company’s vision that they are an ambassador between the guest, hotel brands, and hotel ownership.

Byron Browder, President of Envoy Hospitality, joined the company in early 2020 with the goal of developing a new way to offer hotel management services to the marketplace that begins with an understanding of visitor expectations at a wide variety of hotel and extended stay property types. Byron has spent his entire career in the hotel services industry working with various hotel brands and embraced the opportunity at Envoy Hospitality to develop a corporate culture that connects hotel brands and owners with their most valuable resource— people.

“We want Envoy Hospitality to be a brand that inspires every member of our team, at every level of the organization, to play a leadership role in offering their own perspective in continually improving our service to our partners,” stated Byron. “I believe that cultivating curiosity and investing in specialist expertise is how we can create a personalized experience within every interaction our team has with our guests and each of our partner relationships. The Envoy Hospitality brand will be a constant reminder that we are acting as representatives of our partner brands to every visitor from the moment they interact with our staff at the front desk to our cleaning and property management team. We’re very excited to help our partners who have entrusted Envoy with their Investments to grow their business through an open-minded and energetic approach to hotel management services with an unrelenting curiosity about every aspect of the programs we provide.”

The new brand will fully replace the Hotel Management Services, Inc. brand with a completely new set of resources for training their internal team members and a new website to help prospective team members as well as current and future partners to understand the difference Envoy Hospitality will bring to the industry.

“Envoy Hospitality will bring a new phase to the already strong reputation HMS, Inc. has developed in our industry,” says Phillip. “Our team is excited about this new chapter in our organization and the leadership Byron has brought to growing our capabilities. As we continue to expand our services as a 3rd party management company, Envoy will be committed to offering a world-class experience with every interaction.”

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