Doubling Up Development

In recognition of the momentum that dual-branded hotels have gained in recent years throughout the lodging industry, G6 Hospitality last year introduced its own new design prototype bringing together its Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands and now the company is experiencing plenty of growth momentum itself.

In fact, according to Rob Palleschi, CEO, G6 Hospitality–owner, operator and franchisor of the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands–has roughly 150 properties in the pipeline to add to its current portfolio of more than 1,500 hotels.

Palleschi noted that roughly 45 percent of that total, or 60 hotels, are new construction projects. He added that the majority of the new build projects are the new dual-brand prototype, which was introduced at last year’s ALIS Conference in January. Earlier this month, the company announced the opening of its first new design prototype in North Platte, NE, following roughly 18 months of construction.

In total, the company has approximately 35 dual-branded hotels open today, including two new build properties that opened last year in Austin, TX, near the airport, and in Corpus Christi, TX. Palleschi explained the benefits of the dual-branded option.

“It gives owners flexibility in those markets and gives customers the ability to choose based on their stay occasion. Whether they’re going to be in for a week or just a couple of days they can pick the right product for them. We’re seeing great success with that and a great deal of interest so we’re excited about it,” he said.

The new hotel is owned by Highland Hospitality, LLC, and is the first in the state to feature the latest Motel 6 and Studio 6 prototype. The modern, clean design includes elements such as new sleek wood-effect flooring, white quartz countertops and a bold sophisticated color palette featuring teal and yellow, with secondary colors of red, warm grays and white, according to the company.

Located near the Platte River and the scenic Iron Eagle Golf Course, the location includes 91 total guest rooms, divided almost evenly between the Motel 6 and Studio 6 design layouts. All 46 of the Studio 6 rooms include kitchenettes, designed for those long-term guests, and every room on the property includes a memory foam mattress on the bed.

The company noted that the flexible design allows owners to build a Motel 6, a Studio 6, or a dual-brand location with rooms of equal size, so if market conditions dictate, they easily can change the configuration of the rooms. “The guestroom bay is the same size so it’s really efficient and we’ve seen great support from the community,” he said.

Palleschi noted that while overall construction activity slowed a bit in March as a result of the pandemic, it’s been “churning again” over the last 60 to 75 days. “We’re excited the see the pipeline moving again,” he said.

The CEO further added that ongoing projects have managed to move forward. ”The ones that are under construction and coming out of the ground are still moving forward. I think that’s a credit to the brand’s value proposition. The cost of the new-build construction is lower than most so it keeps those projects moving forward. We’ve been pleasantly surprised,” he said.

The company has some 27 new deals signed with the past few months, the vast majority of which are conversions, according to Palleschi.

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