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Each week, Hotel Interactive presents “This Week in Hospitality,” an in-depth discussion on the week’s most prevalent hospitality industry issues. The show features top industry leaders, as well as critical news and analysis sure to educate, empower and entertain anyone in the lodging business. Other special interest programs are also included from time to time.
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Hung Luck
NYC Shakers Lam Group and MindClick on Sustainability - 4/11/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is with Mark Viola for one interview and flying solo on another this week for two really interesting topics.
  • So for the April 11, 2014 show we start off with an interview with Hung Luk, COO of the Lam Group, a premier New York City hotel development company. Masters at creating new properties in the country’s hottest hotel market their next may prove to be a masterstroke. That project is of course the much anticipated Virgin Hotel New York. Not yet going vertical we get a sneak peek into the future and chat with Hung about this project their overall New York strategy.

    Then Glenn chats sustainability with JoAnna Abrams, CEO of Mindclick, whose business focuses on helping hotels become environmentally focused. We’re not talking the easy stuff like LED light bulbs or washing sheets less. Nope, Abrams company focuses on every single element that is made for a hotel and helps suppliers make their products more environmentally friendly, which in turn makes hotels happier and healthier for the guest.

    To share a great success story we bring in Dave Lippert, VP Procurement, Architecture & Construction with Marriott to use them as an example of how these companies working together are changing the nature of the hospitality sustainability.

IHG Unveils NEW Holiday Inn Express prototype - 3/28/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in a super-secret location outside Atlanta to get the scoop on a brand new hotel prototype for the venerable Holiday Inn Express.
  • So for the March 28, 2014 show we chat with Joel Eisemann, Chief Development Officer, The Americas and Jennifer Gribble, Director, Head of Americas Holiday Inn Express Brand, IHG.
    The prototype is the result of extensive consumer research, the participation of existing Holiday Inn Express owners and IHG. So what is the prototype all about? How did all these groups come together to create a hopefully successful product? Listen and learn all about how the property costs about the same as the existing prototype, how they changed the lobby to activate it and how the guestroom is changing to adapt to consumer behavior.
    Did someone finally add enough outlets to the guestroom as well as other overdue concepts? Listen and learn.

Derek Stevens
Derek Stevens and The D Las Vegas - 3/11/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Las Vegas speaking with the owner of The D Las Vegas, one of the cornerstone projects of the rebirth of downtown Las Vegas.
So for the March 11, 2014 show we chat with owner Derek Stevens about this great casino resort project.
  • We find out how an automotive parts supplier got into the casino business, what makes him tick, how he is doing his part to revitalize downtown Las Vegas, his relationship with Vantage Hospitality’s Lexington Legacy Collection and plenty more.
    If you want to hear a great story about a regular conquering the Las Vegas casino scene against the big boys you’ll love this interview.

Four Seasons and Crafting the Ultimate Spa - 2/21/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman and Mark Viola are in sunny California visiting the Four Seasons Westlake Village. I know, I can sense the pity you feel for these guys.
  • So for the February 21, 2014 show they are all about spas. Why? This Four Seasons has the system’s largest spa and boy is it amazing.
    Focused on wellness and healing, it has everything people need to learn how to live a richer, better life. Damien Craft, Spa Director, shares his secrets to creating amazing spa experiences that will wow in house guests and help boost local business.
    And no, Glenn and Mark did not get any spa treatments while there. But they sure wish they did because this place is amazing.

Designing Best Western & It's Extended Stay Future - 2/7/2014
Last week’s interview with Best Western International CEO David Kong gave us insight into the current and future state of the company. On the February 7, 2014 episode Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is speaking with Best Western’s Amy Hulbert.
  • In this show they talk anything and everything about designing Best Western Hotels. You learn all about how hotels are designed differently for various brand designators and all about their in house design team.

    And then Glenn and Amy discuss the new extended stay prototype and how Best Western will be creating a vignette presenting the concept at the upcoming HI Connect Design show on April 2-4 in Nashville, TN. Lean more about HI Connect Design www.hiconnectdesign.com

David Kong
Best Western’s CEO and The State of the Industry - 1/31/2014
On this episode Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in Los Angeles and soaking up the sun. OK, not soaking up the sun at all, but looking out a hotel window where there is sun and happy to talk with some great industry leaders.
  • For today’ show we have two great segments.

    First up is David Kong, president and CEO of Best Western International. Kong has been shaking up him brand for the past few years by introducing descriptors to clearly define its myriad hotels for consumers. Now they’re looking to debut a brand-new extended stay product, which is already getting many inquiries even before plan are finalized. Plus we get into the state of the brand and where it’s headed. Get a sneak peak at the new extended stay concept at the upcoming HI Connect Design, which will debut during this prestigious event. Register here.

    Then we get the scoop on the state of the industry with PKF. Glenn chats with Mark Woodworth, President of PKF Hospitality Research, an affiliate of PKF Consulting USA and ack Corgel, Robert C. Baker Professor of Real Estate and Director of Graduate Studies for the Baker Program in Real Estate, who also serves as Senior Advisor to PKF Hospitality Research. If you like the numbers and want a crystal ball into the years ahead this interview will give you what you need to succeed during the next few years.

The Minds of Marriott Design - 1/24/2014
Marriott International has been rethinking the look, feel and experience of its mother-ship Marriott Hotel brand. And on the January 24, 2014 show we’re taking a deep look at the process the company has gone through to plan this new generation of hotels.
  • Plus this interview sets the stage for the company’s major participation in the upcoming HI Connect Design event taking place April 2-4, 2014. Marriott has selected this game changing event over all other industry wide shows to debut the all new look and feel of Marriott Hotels.
    And to share the inside scoop with you we have the minds putting together this exciting project including (in alphabetical order):

    • Dave Lippert, VP Procurement, Architecture and Construction.
    • Morriah Mryszuk, Senior Interior Designer Architecture and Construction
    • Tim Sefchok, Senior Director Interior Design, Full Service Brands of Americas
    • Laurie Woliung, Direct Design Director
    • Teri Urovsky, Vice President Interior Design, Architecture and Construction.

    In this show we get real deep into what the modern consumer is looking for in the hotel experience. We discuss how Millennials are changing up the market and how Marriott plans to attract this crowd without turning off other generational groups. We discuss the important rolls Marriott’s in-house design team plays for creating hotels and how they can improve a hotel owner’s ability to save money on design and construction, plus we take a look at what attendees at HI Connect Design expect to see from Marriott during this prestigious event.
    This interview will blow you away.

Chef Rick Moonen
Inside the Mind of Superstar Chef Rick Moonen - 1/17/2014
Happy New Year! We’re back with a great year of new shows. On the January 17, 2014 on demand and downloadable episode, Hotel Interactive Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in Las Vegas for an amazing interview with superstar chef Rick Moonen.
  • Moonen, as you may know, is a major star on the culinary scene and has a pair of two restaurants in Las Vegas located at Mandalay Bay. We love eating at his amazing RM Seafood and his recently debuted Rx’s Boiler Room is getting great reviews for its trend forward approach to food.
    During the show the guys discuss Rick’s history and motivations to be a chef, how he sees the current state of the food business, his passion for caring about the oceans and how he strives to spread the gospel about sustainable seafood – including some tips on what fish should be served in your restaurants – and of course his experience on Top Chef Masters.
    This interview will surprise and delight you, even if you’re not as passionate about food as Rick and Glenn.

David G. Schwartz
The Ultimate Vegas Podcast; Past Present Future - 1/10/2014
Happy New Year! We’re back with a great year of new shows. On the January 10, 2014 on demand and downloadable episode, Hotel Interactive Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in Las Vegas chatting with the someone who knows even more about Las Vegas than, well, pretty much anyone.
  • David G. Schwartz is not just a PhD but also the Director, Center for Gaming Research, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, an amazing historian as well as the author of several books including Roll The Bones, which is a history of gambling since the dawn of time and his newest, Grandissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas, the story of Caesars Palace developer Jay Sarno.
    Glenn and David speak about how a nice guy from Jersey winds up with a job like this, some history highlights of Las Vegas such as the life of the aforementioned Jay Sarno, the current state of Las Vegas, the explosive growth of the downtown revolution, and most important what is in store for the future of Sin City. They even chat about the downturn in Atlantic City and the global gaming scene.
    This is a fun filled way to kick off your New Year the right way.

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