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Each week, Hotel Interactive® presents “This Week in Hospitality,” an in-depth discussion on the week’s most prevalent hospitality industry issues. The show features top industry leaders, as well as critical news and analysis sure to educate, empower and entertain anyone in the lodging business. Other special interest programs are also included from time to time.
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Gettys Gets It - 2/13/2015
For this week’s show Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Dallas talking with the Gettys guys. They all happened to be in the same city so they grabbed the mic and boy are the results interesting in this memorable conversation with Gettys’ Principals Ron Swidler and Dan Welborn.
  • The guys really get into and talk about the fundamental changes coming to a hotel near you. Using the new concept they created along with Red Lion, we get a deep dive into the future of lodging. From how guests will use a hotel to ways owners can make more money, it’s all part of one of the most fascinating interviews you’ll hear all year.

Lawrence Vaughan
Real Gaming, Virtually - 2/6/2015
For this week’s show Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is talking gambling. But not the kind you do in a casino, rather this is a discussion chatting about the current state of and the future prospects of internet based gambling.
  • So far it’s just in New Jersey and Nevada so Glenn tracked down Lawrence Vaughan who runs the online gaming site Real Gaming. Born out of the locals favorite South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, the guys talk all about this interesting aspect of the hospitality industry.
    Very educational and quite an interesting look at a facet of the industry that hasn’t been discussed much.

Bill Malone
Skiing to Success - 1/23/2015
For this week’s show Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman talks with Park City CVB’s President and CEO, Bill Malone.
  • During the chat they break down $7.1 billion ski-industry and what that means for tourism in a top ski town. Additionally, Bill also shares his marketing expertise with us revealing how a city can come together as a collective to all find success.
    Did you know that Park City is the biggest ski resort in the USA after Vail Resorts bought Park City Mountain Resorts (PCMR) for $182.5 million this Sept. and announced they’ll connect Canyons Resorts and PCMR to form a 7,000-acre+mega resort.
    And did you know Park City is home to the Utah Olympic Park, the venue for several events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and Sundance Film Festival. Approximately 45,000+ visitors spend on average a total of $63.9 million during this 10-day period (happening every January), making this world-renowned destination an expert in hosting major events in the tourism industry.

    You are going to find inspiration here and how to make successes in your market too

Hilton Garden Inn Going Global - 1/16/2015
This week Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Orlando Florida and is both extremely happy, yet depressingly sad. Sad because he is so close to Disney World and yet cannot visit any theme parks. I know, we don’t feel bad for him either.
  • But he is super happy because he had the chance to line up two great interviews with amazing Hilton executives.
    First up is Jim Holthauser, EVP Global Brands for Hilton Worldwide. Jim also happens to be one of Glenn’s all-time favorite industry people and they have a great conversation on the state of travel today and how Hilton wants to overall up the experience quotient at its hotels through technology. It’s all about turning a transaction business into an experiential one.
    Then Glenn speaks with Mark Nogal, Regional Head, Focused Service Brand Management Europe, Middle East & Africa about Hilton Garden Inn expanding around the world. But even cooler is they chat about cultural differences that must be recognized as brands like HGI expand around the world. Great lesson and a fun listen too.

Hard Rock Making Rocking Changes - 1/9/2015
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman may not live in Las Vegas, but he is there so much he might as well be
  • This week he’s at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas and dives in deep with Assistant General Manager Gary Scott. We all know Hard Rock set the stage for cool Las Vegas when it first opened back in the mid-1990s. And we also know it expanded in a huge way by opening up new towers and an expanded casino. But ack! They did it just as the Great Recession destroyed the economy.
    Management fell, ownership changed a couple of times, management changed up again and now the property is looking to get its mojo back. Their execs are looking to become the champion of cool once again in Sin City. They’re already doing it with cool residencies such as Kiss, but there are many massive changes in store for this modern classic. . Since we recorded this interview the property announced a Journey residency this spring. Let’s get some tickets and meet up there!
    Scott shares how he sees the future of the property, how it’s going to make its core 45 year old plus clientele happy and how Hard Rock will again rule in Las Vegas. You’re going to love this interview because it’s honest and really shows these guys have the knowledge, wherewithal and gumption to make this property, well, Rock!

Rocking Out with Cast of Rock of Ages - 12/29/2014
This week we’re doing something a little different. It’s the holiday season and that’s a time to think about getting away and entertaining yourself with a little nostalgia.
  • As a kid of the 80s, Editor-in-Chief Glenn Haussman grew up to the sounds of bands like Journey, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. Not all were amazing, but for good or bad they all got seared into his brain.
    So when he had the chance to interview a couple of guys from the cast of Rock of Ages (http://rockofagesmusical.com), which takes place in a Los Angeles music club in 1987, he doffed his mullet and parachute pants and knew it was hammer time.
    So this week Glenn chats with Troy Burgess, who plays club owner Dennis and Robert Torti, who plays the villain Hertz, in a great conversation focusing on the show, the 80s, what it’s like to be a star in a show in Las Vegas and much more.
    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most importantly you’ll think back to the decadent decade and say to yourself, what was I thinking?

Elizabeth Blau
Trend Forward Food & Elizabeth Blau - 12/17/2014
Glenn here: OK, try not to hate me too much. I’ve been unable to post new shows due to some personal stuff. I hate when life gets in the way of podcasting. But do not fret, I just taped a bunch of new shows to get you into the New Year, including some highly unusual ones I think you will enjoy. Or not!
  • This week we’re once again in Vegas and talking food. Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with one of the most preeminent restaurateurs and industry influencers, Elizabeth Blau. (http://elizabethblau.com/) Now you may not know her name but she has influenced food across the country in a very real way. She owns restaurants in Las Vegas with partners such as Rock and Roll Chef Kerry Simon (Palms Place) and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro (Ventian/Palazzo) plus several of her own including the highly rated Honey Salt.
    She just reopened the famed Rainbow Room in NYC, and worked with many major hotel companies like Marriott and Ritz-Carlton and bigboy food chains like TGIFridays and IHOP.
    The show focuses on her story, current food trends and empowering you all out there how to make more money from your food. This show is a can’t miss experience and perfect to play at your holiday party. Christmas carols can wait!

The Golden Steer and Old School Las Vegas - 11/7/2014
Sorry for the delay of shows folks, we got sidetracked by some personal matters. But we’re back in action and ready to deliver some great shows.
This week we’re taking the way back machine to old school Vegas to chat with the owners of The Golden Steer, Vegas’ original steakhouse which debuted in 1958.
  • Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with owner Michael Signorelli to chat about how the restaurant still remains relevant and incidentally delicious all these years later. We also hear great stories from the past regarding, Elvis, The Rat Pack and many more. Even Mario Andretti races his way into this tale.
    We’re also joined by Kevin Ball, who’s not just Corp. VP - Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing with American Casino & Entertainment Properties (you know the Stratosphere, right? It’s these guys) but also a huge fan. Then Bruce Ford of Lodging econometrics joins and everyone discusses what is right and wrong with modern Las Vegas and what the future beholds.

Michael Dominguez
MGM Resorts and the Future of the Conference Business - 10/3/2014
MGM Resorts International has myriad conference facilities at its hotels in Vegas and elsewhere. And the company’s Senior Vice President, Hotel Sales Michael Dominguez shares how he sees the current and state of the conference market.
  • So when Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman was last in Vegas he sat down and chatted with him in what became one of the best interviews of the year. He has amazing perspective and has also just finished his tenure as Chairman of Meeting Planners International’s Board of Directors so he has amazing perspective.
    Really fun and fast paced conversation you’re guaranteed to love.

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