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Hotel Interactive Radio

Each week, Hotel Interactive presents “This Week in Hospitality,” an in-depth discussion on the week’s most prevalent hospitality industry issues. The show features top industry leaders, as well as critical news and analysis sure to educate, empower and entertain anyone in the lodging business. Other special interest programs are also included from time to time.
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The New New Yorker - 7/18/2014
This week Glenn is in Manhattan checking out the transformation of the venerable New Yorker hotel. Now through a massive update the hotel is experiencing many changes. Including become a Wyndham branded property.
  • So for this week Glenn chats with John Yazbeck, Director of Sales and Marketing of the rebranded Wyndham New Yorker Hotel and we take you through what it’s like running a hotel through such a big project and how to position a hotel for a bright new future. It’s a very interesting and detailed chat you’ll find fascinating.

The Lost Episode - 7/11/2014
Well not really lost, just delayed. We taped this one early last month but took a little longer than expected to get it posted. That doesn’t matter though as it is highly relevant and dare we say entertaining.
  • Here’s the scoop: Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in New York City getting set for the NYU Hospitality Conference and is chatting with Brice Ford of Lodging Econometrics.
    They talk about the state of the hotel industry, have some laughs and provide you with pointers on how to leverage the current lodging landscape. They also chat about trends and the North American hotel development pipeline.

Brian Wogernese
Cobblestone Cobbling Together Major Brand - 7/3/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman chats with Cobblestone Hotels’ President Brian Wogernese to share a wonderful feel good story.
  • Wogernese and his team are doing what the big brands have found elusive; building a brand focused on small town America. The all new construction brand and its sister conversion brand Boarders Inns and Suites are exploding and it’s amazing to us just how quick these folks are growing.
    Best part is the company never expected to see the success they had. In fact, they only did this company because people were demanding it. How could that be? We expose the ingredients of the secret sauce in this all American interview perfect for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

BITAC Global, Monaco
Monaco, Money And the Global Hotel Scene - 6/20/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Europe for BITAC Global and has lots to report about the global hotel scene from his hotel room in Monte Carlo.
  • Of course he can’t do a show like this on his own so he gathered some of the crew together to make this show special. We have Mark Viola and back after some absence Bruce Ford of Lodging Econometrics. The guys chat about cultural differences in The Mediterranean, the true meaning of opulence and why do they seem to have it figured out in this part of the world. Then of course they cover the global hotel scene giving you incredible insight into the global new construction pipeline.

    Expect to laugh and learn with this episode.

Rose. Rabbit. We Aren’t Lying! - 5/30/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman took a fantastic journey to a wonderfully weird place in Las Vegas called Rose. Rabbit Lie. Located within the Cosmopolitan this venue is rejiggering the notion of restaurant, show and nightclub.
  • So this week he chats with partner Rob Weakley about how Rose. Rabbit. Lie. is reinventing a trifecta of offerings by injecting more experience into meals and entertainment. We explore how this venue is going to again change the rules of Las Vegas while proving that creating something that is bigger and costs more money is inherently more impressive.
    Rose. Rabbit. Lie is akin to a Grateful Dead show, you never know what you are going to see and every experience is different.
    What are they doing? How are they pulling it off and why do they serve seven different types of ice cubes. This show gets to the bottom of these questions while showing you how to enhance your experience offerings.

Designing Best Western’s Extend Stay Experience - 5/23/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is exploring how to design a new hotel experience. So he took the time to chat with Amy Hulbert. She’s Best Western International’s Managing Director of Design and overseeing the roll out of the company’s new extended stay prototype. To get even more in depth Glenn and Amy are joined by Bradley Barnett and Robin Holt, Principals of the design firm Guild 13.
  • They all explore what it takes to develop a new hotel that consumers crave and hotel developers find profitable. We also talk about maximizing space to increase sales throughout different day parts, creating the extended stay guest experience and a lot more than you ever expected.

Jon Gray
Caesars' New Strategy - 5/19/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Las Vegas exploring some of the newest elements in the city created by Caesars Entertainment and there are some very good lessons to be learned in this show.
  • First up we speak to Jon Gray, the VP/ General Manager of The Linq, a brand new district linking – of course – the Flamingo and The Quad with major new shopping, dining and entertainment options such as that massive new 550-foot tall observation reel. Glenn apologizes for being so effusive but sometimes he gets giddy when seeing a project that just makes so much sense! Here you’ll learn the history of the project and how it’s playing into current consumer trends.
    Then Glenn hoofs it over to Las Vegas’ ‘newest’ hotel, The Crowell. Which is opening in phases through Memorial Day. The former Bills Gambling Saloon is now a 188-room luxury hotel and we learn all about this getting smaller strategy in a city formally known for bigger is better. But smaller is smarter these days and we learn all about how this hotel plays into the latest trends from VP/ General Manager Karie Hall.
    We also get Hall’s insight on what it’s like to be a female executive in the male dominated casino business and she gives amazing insight on how to not get caught under that glass ceiling.r You won’t want to miss this one!

Stories from the Peabody - 5/9/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Memphis, TN and is at the Peabody Hotel along with cohort Mark Viola.
  • Since they’re at such an historic hotel, they decided to chat with Doug Browne, President of Peabody Hotels & Resorts as well as General Manager of the property.
    Lot’s of great stories here from Doug, who has seemingly met everyone there is to know; presidents, entertainers and even Oprah.
    Plus we take a look at the company’s new strategy of going asset light and pursuing management deals rather than ownership positions. Oh yea, we even find out what’s the deal with the ducks.

Seth Schorr
Seth Schorr and Building a Grand Downtown - 5/6/2014
Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman is in Las Vegas for an interview focused once again on the awesome reinvention of the downtown area. He’s talked about it a couple of times on this show in the past because of the significant shift that’s occurring. Something other cities can also learn from.
  • In the case of downtown Las Vegas, there has been a burst of new cultural centers, restaurants and bars that are turning this area into a true urban environment. And when mixed up with new casino resorts such as Downtown Grand, it’s had the effect of reenergizing and transforming this part of town into something very different than what you see on The Strip.

    To show you how far downtown has come we chat with Seth Schorr, the CEO of Downtown Grand (http://www.downtowngrand.com) about how they turned the ailing Lady Luck casino into an exciting new urban oasis that’s more like the Meatpacking District or Williamsburg in New York than a typical Las Vegas Casino.
    They discuss what it took to transform the property, how they expect to flourish, who they’re targeting and how and also how critical it is to be a part of the downtown community.

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