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Each week, Hotel Interactive® presents “This Week in Hospitality,” an in-depth discussion on the week’s most prevalent hospitality industry issues. The show features top industry leaders, as well as critical news and analysis sure to educate, empower and entertain anyone in the lodging business. Other special interest programs are also included from time to time.
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Elizabeth Blau
Trend Forward Food & Elizabeth Blau - 12/17/2014
Glenn here: OK, try not to hate me too much. I’ve been unable to post new shows due to some personal stuff. I hate when life gets in the way of podcasting. But do not fret, I just taped a bunch of new shows to get you into the New Year, including some highly unusual ones I think you will enjoy. Or not!
  • This week we’re once again in Vegas and talking food. Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with one of the most preeminent restaurateurs and industry influencers, Elizabeth Blau. (http://elizabethblau.com/) Now you may not know her name but she has influenced food across the country in a very real way. She owns restaurants in Las Vegas with partners such as Rock and Roll Chef Kerry Simon (Palms Place) and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro (Ventian/Palazzo) plus several of her own including the highly rated Honey Salt.
    She just reopened the famed Rainbow Room in NYC, and worked with many major hotel companies like Marriott and Ritz-Carlton and bigboy food chains like TGIFridays and IHOP.
    The show focuses on her story, current food trends and empowering you all out there how to make more money from your food. This show is a can’t miss experience and perfect to play at your holiday party. Christmas carols can wait!

The Golden Steer and Old School Las Vegas - 11/7/2014
Sorry for the delay of shows folks, we got sidetracked by some personal matters. But we’re back in action and ready to deliver some great shows.
This week we’re taking the way back machine to old school Vegas to chat with the owners of The Golden Steer, Vegas’ original steakhouse which debuted in 1958.
  • Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman sits down with owner Michael Signorelli to chat about how the restaurant still remains relevant and incidentally delicious all these years later. We also hear great stories from the past regarding, Elvis, The Rat Pack and many more. Even Mario Andretti races his way into this tale.
    We’re also joined by Kevin Ball, who’s not just Corp. VP - Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing with American Casino & Entertainment Properties (you know the Stratosphere, right? It’s these guys) but also a huge fan. Then Bruce Ford of Lodging econometrics joins and everyone discusses what is right and wrong with modern Las Vegas and what the future beholds.

Michael Dominguez
MGM Resorts and the Future of the Conference Business - 10/3/2014
MGM Resorts International has myriad conference facilities at its hotels in Vegas and elsewhere. And the company’s Senior Vice President, Hotel Sales Michael Dominguez shares how he sees the current and state of the conference market.
  • So when Editor in Chief Glenn Haussman was last in Vegas he sat down and chatted with him in what became one of the best interviews of the year. He has amazing perspective and has also just finished his tenure as Chairman of Meeting Planners International’s Board of Directors so he has amazing perspective.
    Really fun and fast paced conversation you’re guaranteed to love.

Mark Stolarczyk
MGM Purchasing Pro Secrets Revealed - 9/26/2014
  • MGM Resorts International has a massive number of rooms on the Las Vegas Strip comprised of properties such as Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, Aria and many more.
    With so many city sized properties in one place it’s amazing they can keep properties fully stocked. From bars of soap to bottles of booze anything and everything that is used or consumed must be sourced, ordered, paid for and delivered.
    And it’s up to the procurement department to make sure it all goes smooth. In this episode Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman chats with Mark Stolarczyk, VP of Global Procurement at MGM Resorts International to learn about how his team makes that happen. This is one show you want to miss and you’ll hear great inside stories not just about how they do it, but suppliers can get the inside track to get their products considered.

The Death of Atlantic City - As We’ve Known It - 9/22/2014
In this week’s episode Glenn Haussman and Mark Viola are in Las Vegas but are focusing on a gaming city on the opposite coast.
  • That would be Atlantic City. The city’s casino business is being decimated and in this episode we share with you the real reasons that precipitated the closure of a third of the city’s casinos. While we do feel bad about all those job losses, this market had decades to ensure the city’s vibrancy and frittered it away for easy money.
    So we examine what went wrong and how they should have taken a page from Las Vegas, a gaming town that continually and expertly reinvents itself.

Bill DeForrest
The Secret Sauce - 9/11/2014
  • Management companies have been around for decades, but after the Great Recession there was a sharp jump in the number of these companies as hotels looked for more profits.
    We chat with someone who has been in the business for decades and is a master hotelier. We’re talking about Bill DeForrest, President and CEO of Spire Hospitality. In the business for 35 years he shares stories from his career, what a long standing management company can do to a hotel’s bottom line and empowers YOU to be more successful with some amazing career advice.
    Visit them at http://www.spirehotels.com

Sean Worker
A Different Kind of Hospitality - 9/2/2014
Hotels come in all different forms even if they don’t seem like hotels at all. Take the serviced apartments industry. They are a completely different financial model from hotels yet follow the same basic fundamentals.
  • In today’s show we learn all about this different approach to hospitality from the President and CEO of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, Sean Worker. Sean had plenty of experience in the traditional hotel world before switching to this specific nice.
    You’ll hear about how this business work, why it’s successful, what are consumers’ expectations and what does this trend mean to your business.
    Get more information on BridgeStreet Global Hospitality at: http://www.bridgestreet.com/.

Roger Bloss
Vantage Makes Massive Move - 8/22/2014
After the recent news that Vantage Hospitality has bought Americas Best Franchising we needed to get the scoop on this Big Deal right from the source.
  • This week Glenn chats with Vantage Founder, President and CEO Roger Bloss to fully understand what the deal means to his company, hoteliers and the competition.
    We also get an update from Bloss on other stuff going on in the company and get his insight on some other stuff his company is working on and where he sees opportunity.
    Get more information on Vantage and the acquisition: www.vantagehospitality.com
    We go deep with this show to give you folks amazing insight.

Hampton’s Ideal Getaway and A Look at Hilton Extended Stay - 8/15/2014
This week Glenn is focusing on a couple of great interviews from the executives at Hilton worldwide.
  • First up is Judy Christa-Cathey, VP, Focused Service Brand Marketing, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Hotels. This is a great interview focusing on how people are wasting away their lives doing chores rather than spending time with family. We take a deep look at a new survey tied around Hampton’s Embrace Your Weekend Self campaign and how they are tying the survey to a great new marketing campaign that encourages people to take a special quiz determining the city that they should visit. Try the “What’s Your Ideal Weekend Getaway?” quiz and see where you should go next weekend.
    Then we chat with Bill Duncan, global head, Home2 Suites by Hilton and Homewood Suites by Hilton to go over Home2’s and discuss Homewood’s expansion, the extended-stay market and new initiatives Hilton is rolling out for the brands on the consumer side.

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