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Branding Success
Generally, are hotel companies doing a good job at creating distinct separate brands within brand families?
  • Absolutely
  • Somewhat
  • Not sure
  • Not at all
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Multigenerational Travel Log In to Vote
Have you seen an increase in multigenerational travel during last five years?
Sharp increase
Small increase
Remained the same
We see fewer families and more couples
This poll has 6 reader comments.
" especially internationally "
" Brazilians are family minded "
" The sharp increase is due in-part to the socio-economic impact the recent ressession has had on the global community. Instead of taking individual trips/vacations it is being taken together. "
" they are here with grandparents wanting just one unit. glad we have some large units to accommadate them! "
" Economy has killed travel for pleasure. "
" More access to comfortable travel for all generations, especially in hotel accommodations that offer meals and/or kitchens. "

The Future of Hotel Tech Log In to Vote
What do you think will be the next major breakthrough in hotel technology?
Smartphone applications
TV-based features
Enhanced websites with pre-arrival applications
Bells and whistles, such as motorized drapes, bedside controlled lighting and AC, etc.
This poll has 8 reader comments.
" As the booming of intelligent phone industry "
" Smartphone and web will control the guest experience entirely. Spoken as a consumer, a Business Relationship Manager and an IT professional. "
" TV is old school, motorized drapes have been around for at least a decade, and websites with pre-arrival apps require too much planning. The new consumer wants immediate gratification. Thus smartphones apps to use on the way to the property "
" It revolutionizes guest experience - which matters the most in service industry. Also it allows for marketing, branding, cross-selling, promotion, and revenue generation "
" Guests want more control over their travel journey. "
" With the advancement of mobil technology and the advancement in various application, being able to access/charge items to phone/security advancement avaialble its only a metter of time. "
" Brands go with the low hanging fruit. They follow as opposed to lead. The hospitality industry has been dragging their feet for years when it comes to technology. They are short sighted and focus only on what brings money to the brand. They don't think about their franchisees. Smartphone aps are inexpensive and easy. "
" We have the smart phones Apps but we need more to the sites "

F&B Variety Log In to Vote
What product options would you like to see in franchise F&B programs?
More choice of product – not enough variety
Less choice of product – can’t focus on doing anything well
We’re in a good spot
This poll has 3 reader comments.
" We moved away from the presentation of product and services and this is an area that we must make an effort to getting back to doing well. "
" More fresh local farm to table options "
" In order to maintain success we must strive for continuous improvement; innovation, variety and quality are equally important compnents of this equation. "

ADR Log In to Vote
How much have you raised your ADR this year?
10% or more
Our rate is still dropping
This poll has 7 reader comments.
" I don't know. I haven't raised rates. I think people are sick of sitting home or maybe the economy is improving. Wouldn't that be great! "
" We believe now is the time to be aggressive with rates! "
" As a Small motel near Yellowtone Park our rates let us stay as one of the best deals in the area. "
" military community previously did not honor per deim now we do "
" the use of alternative marketing sources has led the industry to be creative in ways to capture the market share. "
" more stiff competition for a decrease or limited guest in the specific market. So have to reduce rates by 30%. "
" 6.5% over last year "

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