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U.S. Hotel Profit Bounces Back After Downward Blip    (1/2/2020)
A negative profit turn for U.S. hotels in October gave way to robust growth in November, as GOPPAR climbed 6.1% year-over-year, ...
HotStats U.S. October Market Review: GOPPAR Turns Negative After Recent Gains    (12/4/2019)
Two consecutive months of profit gain were spoiled as the start of the fourth quarter brought with it a year-over-year downturn ...
CBRE Issues U.S. Lodging And 2020-2021 Historic Hotels Forecast At Annual Conference    (12/4/2019)
WASHINGTON, DC–The outlook for the U.S. lodging industry continues to be less strong than prior years, according to CBRE Hotels Research ...
U.S. Lodging Industry Is Healthy, But Growth Is Slow Through 2021    (11/20/2019)
ATLANTA––CBRE Hotels Research forecasts that revenue growth will continue to diminish, but the U.S. lodging industry will remain strong through the ...
Shifting Fundamentals
Shifting Fundamentals    (11/1/2019)
Forecasters Point To Supply, Lack Of Pricing Power As Leading Concerns Going Forward
Tipping Point?
Tipping Point?    (10/2/2019)
Forecasters At Lodging Conference Cite Supply As Leading Concern
Year Of Profit Growth Continues At U.S. Hotels    (10/1/2019)
Any concern over a weakening U.S. economy has not yet infiltrated U.S. hotel industry profits. ...
Getting Its ‘Second Wind’
Getting Its ‘Second Wind’    (8/30/2019)
Chicago Looks To Leverage Hotel Supply Growth Into Increased Revenue
U.S. Hotel Performance Decelerates Through 2020, But 2021 Improves    (8/28/2019)
ATLANTA––Shifts in the depth and timing of an expected slowdown in the nation’s economy have impacted CBRE Hotels Research’s outlook for ...
Despite RevPAR Dip, GOPPAR Gains at U.S. Hotels In June    (7/29/2019)
Illustrating that revenue per available room and profit don’t always move lock and step, RevPAR at U.S. hotels in June declined ...
HotStats Releases U.S. Annual Hotel Performance Tracker 2019    (6/7/2019)
LONDON—HotStats, the global leader in monthly profitability data benchmarking for the hotel industry, has released findings of U.S. hotel performance for ...
Gradual Slowdown In U.S. Hotel Performance To Continue    (5/29/2019)
ATLANTA––The U.S. lodging supply will increase at an annual pace greater than the long-run average through 2022, according to CBRE Hotels ...

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