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Eight Essential Housekeeping Lessons

Small Details Can Make Big Difference In Keeping Guests Satisfied

Monday, February 13, 2017
Mr. Larry Mogelonsky - CHA
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No matter what your brand is or your luxury status, housekeeping remains a prickly beast and a constant challenge. Where others see shortcomings, however, I see opportunities for growth as housekeeping perfection remains something that will always be valued by guests.

Before you can work to be perfect, though, you must be flawless which means eliminating any and all errors, most of which are minor but contribute to a greater whole. As in, the summation can tarnish an otherwise stellar performance. So, please make sure that your property isn’t guilty of these infractions.

1. Missing dressing gowns. After use, they should be replaced. A call to guest services should be required for this to happen.

2. Improperly made beds. Not just corners that don't meet specification, but sheets actually folded wrong so that the bed had to be remade. Do you conduct quality control checks and test for this?

3. Where’s the soap? One small bar of soap in a bathroom that has a separate tub, sink and shower is clearly a stocking error or the result of a budget-cutting effort.

4. Two shower gels, no shampoo. It’s an easy mistake to make when the bottles all look the same. Who does this amenity package design in any event? And why are the products identical in color too?

5. Odd servicing times. In one property I stayed at, housekeepers arrived between 4:00-5:00 P.M. every day, which is quite an inconvenience when you are trying to get ready for dinner. Noting this as a guest preference is an area where the integration of technology can certainly help.

6. Sinks that do not drain properly. A common challenge, but a good housekeeper will test and identify the problem then issue a repair order to maintenance before the guest has to call.

7. Showerheads that spray in odd ways. Rain-style heads are so much in vogue these days. That doesn’t mean they are exempt from upkeep and inspection, though. The narrow channels that create the rain effect are subject to calcification, causing strange diversions of water flow. Whether it falls into the hands of maintenance or housekeeping to fix, this is nonetheless another minor annoyance reminding the guest that all is not perfect.

8. Sometimes you get turndown service; other times maybe not. There are always challenges in timing turndown service. If you do not have a system already in place, start by asking the guest at check-in.

Remember, I am being very fussy here, but so too are your guests! Why spoil their stay through minor errors that are easily remedied? Challenge your executive housekeeper to find solutions that respect your housekeeping team and reward perfection.

Larry Mogelonsky CHA    Mr. Larry Mogelonsky - CHA
Chairman, LMA Communications Inc. | Principal, Hotel Mogel Communications Ltd
Owners, Principals, or Partners
LMA Communications Inc.

Bio: Larry Mogelonsky is Principal Consultant at Toronto-based, Hotel Mogel Consulting Ltd., and Chairman of LMA Communications Inc. After completing his MBA, Larry began his marketing career with Procter & Gamble, moving to a top-10 ad agency and serving as the managing director to the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts account. Founding LMA in 1991, he has increased its hospitality presence with a global roster of hotel and tourism clients, winning 75 ...
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