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Top Podcasts of the Year

Check in on your holiday downtime and listen to these great podcasts we delivered to you this past year. Industry icons, industry influencers and top notch personalities.

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Glenn Haussman
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If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Hotel Interactive radio now is your chance to get caught up with the coolest hotel industry focused show in the Internet. Each week we deliver a brand new show featuring the most influential people in hospitality.

You won’t just be entertained you’ll learn how to be a better industry professional and learn new ways to excel in your career.

Just click the link to listen to a show, or better yet, subscribe to Hotel Interactive Radio via iTunes and get new shows while you sleep. It’s just that simple.

Here is a review of some of the top shows we recorded in 2013. Enjoy!

Industry Icon and President/COO LVS Mike Leven - 2/22/2013

Hotel Interactive’s Editor-in-Chief Glenn Haussman is with Mark Viola Las Vegas interviewing the one and only Mike Leven. Our most in depth podcast to date!

Mike Leven, President/COO of Las Vegas Sands has transformed the company from being on the brink of collapse to arguably the most powerful gaming company today because of its role in Asia – and possibly soon, Madrid where you can expect to see the creation of a Euro-Vegas.

But this incredible feat is just the encore to an iconic career. For you young folks out there; today is going to be a major history lesson. Leven’s 50 year career cast is as a central figure in the development of the modern hotel industry, and his fingerprints are everywhere. From his days running brands such as Holiday Inn and Days Inn to creating his own hotel brands like Microtel, Leven has literally done it all. He even combated racism and discrimination throughout the 1960s, which culminated in his helping hand in creating AAHOA, which is now one of the most powerful industry associations.

For context, we did the interview on February 9, 2013 in a bagel shop for a Saturday morning breakfast about 25 minutes off the Las Vegas Strip. So do not be confused by any conversation regarding omelets.

Topics we cover include:
  • The Expansion of Las Vegas Sands into Europe
  • Why Leven came out of retirement to do this job
  • Vegas Market is just a trickle compared to the gush from Asia
  • The State of Vegas Economics
  • The Downward Spiral of Atlantic City:
  • On How to Excel In The Hotel Business
  • The Creation of AAHOA
  • Shedlon Adelson Is a Major Donor
  • The Death of the Duvet!
  • What Impresses Him About Today’s Hotel Business?
Industry Icon Michael Bedner - 3/15/2013

On this on demand and downloadable episode, we have a very special episode. Rather than do a traditional show this week we are running an interview with industry Icon Michael Bedner.
  • The interview was conducted on stage at BITAC Luxury earlier this week on Tuesday, March 12. Conducted by Hotel Interactive’s Editor-in-Chief Glenn Haussman we delve deep into Bedner’s long and esteemed career.
  • For those of you not familiar with what a big deal he is here’s his bio: As Chairman of Hirsch Bedner Associates, Michael Bedner leads the largest hospitality design firm in the world. In 1964, Mr. Bedner and his partner, Howard Hirsch, revolutionized hospitality design by creating a totally new professional discipline.
  • Throughout his career, Mr. Bedner has expanded the discipline into a functional art form that continues to evolve. His vision and creative energy provide inspiration to the entire industry and his design influence can be seen in hundreds of the finest hotels throughout the world.
  • Mr. Bedner’s combination of traditional training and over 40 years of international hands-on experience have provided him with a singular understanding of the cultural, programmatic and financial aspects of a variety of projects. This understanding makes him uniquely qualified as a consultant for virtually every aspect of the hospitality business, from conceptual planning to budgeting and installation.
  • By applying his expertise to the daily direction of the company’s projects, Michael Bedner continues to be a leader in expanding the vision and scope of the hospitality design business to include resorts, boutique hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, casinos, spas and a myriad of other projects. Under his leadership, HBA has raised the bar in every area of hospitality design and developed extraordinarily strong teams for graphic design, art consultation, procurement and management.
Choice Hotels and The Fontainebleau - 5/24/2013

Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in Los Angeles at Choice Hotels International’s Annual Conference and also in Miami at the Fontainebleau.
  • First up we grab some time with Choice’s President and CEO Steve Joyce. As usual Joyce delivers a great interview even though we had a major time constraint. We share all that happened at their big event and focus a lot on the major changes afoot with the Comfort Inns and Suites brand and also discuss the state of the other brands such as Cambria Suites.
Then we chat with Philip Goldfarb, President and Chief Operating Officer at Fontainebleau Miami Beach. We learn what it’s like to run such a massive resort complex, how he makes sure they’re always relevant to their uber hip target consumers and discuss some of the things he does behind the scenes to keep employees engaged and successful. We also talk about his past including his days at the then nascent DoubleTree brand.

Both these interviews are awesome and insightful. OK, so it’s odd to call our work awesome, but with amazing guests like these how could they not be? Listen, learn and enjoy.

Grit and Gumption with Wyndham's Eric Danziger - 10/4/2013

This week Glenn speaks with Eric Danziger, President and CEO of Wyndham Hotel Group and they have a truly inspirational conversation. Do you have grit? Danziger does and it’s why he leads such a massively sized organization right now. They have 15 brands! But it all started with a job on the lowest rung on the hospitality food chain. It’s that grit though that got him to the top, and we talk about his career and what you need to do to be just like him.
  • The guys also discuss the myriad changes taking place at Wyndham’s hotel brands, specifically the changes you can expect with the iconic Howard Johnson’s brand and what else you can expect in years to come. Oh yeah, you’ll get a peek into his leadership style too.
Then we switch gears and chat about how to boost your revenue with the guys from Duetto. We have CEO, Patrick Bosworth, and Scott Edgington, Chief Revenue Officer. Topics discussed include why revenue managers are so cool and how they can make your hotel a fortune, what to do with all that ‘big data’ you’ve been collecting and how to manage demand. These guys are much smarter than us so you’re sure to learn a ton from them.

USA Today and Hotels of the Future - 11/27/2013

On this on demand and downloadable episode, Hotel Interactive Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in New York City and is peering into the future of hospitality.
  • Glenn has a great conversation with Nancy Trejos, who writes about everything hotels for USA Today and is an expert on trends. Joining the conversation is Bruce Ford, SVP of Lodging Econometrics, who has plenty of factiods in his brain that are dying to come out.
The conversation starts by hearing what Nancy has to say about how the next generation of hotels are being developed. It’s great to hear that hotel companies such as Marriott are looking to the future by engaging guests in the development process instead of figuring these things out disconnected from the guests they plan to serve.

Then the conversation shifts to all things hospitality for a great free form conversation that explores trends and provides a few laughs.

Vantage Hospitality Cruises to New Heights - 12/19/2013

Hotel Interactive Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is at Vantage Hospitality’s annual conference.
  • First we speak with one of our favorite CEOs, Vantage’s Roger Bloss. He doesn’t mess around and is frank, open and honest about his business. You’ll hear all about what the company has been up to and learn how this company has gotten to 1,100 hotels in less than 15 years with brands such as Americas Best Value Inns and Lexington Collection. Yup, that’s an industry record. We also talk about defining corporate culture and why Bloss runs the business the way he does.
  • Then we speak with Scott Anderson, President & CEO of Cruise Inns. It’s a new company being built from the good folks at Vantage Hospitality and this idea is pure gold. They are looking to replicate their well-received hotel membership model with RV parks. Hardly any existing RV parks are affiliated with a national brand and this idea has the potential to completely change that industry. You’ll learn all about how they plan to make this vision a reality.
The New AH&LA - 11/22/2013

On this on demand and downloadable episode, Hotel Interactive Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is in New York City and is with the good folks at the American Hotel & Lodging Association for their annual Fall Conference.

So he took the time to speak with their leaders to find out what’s new and different at the esteemed organization. You won’t want to miss this show as everything has changed!
  • Recently appointed President and CEO of the AH&LA Katherine Lugar. In this interview we discuss everything you need to know about the new AH&LA. And you need to know a ton because the entire organization has changed. They have a new membership model and a seriously heightened focus on advocacy. This interview will make you an expert on the AH&LA and its new leader.
Then we speak with Ron Vlassic, regional VP with Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. Vlassic just completed his year as Chairman of the organization so we look back as to what his year was like, especially since there was so much change! We also learn all about what Kimpton is up to. Those guys never slow down and there is lots to share.

Dining with DeCarlo - 2/1/2013

Hotel Interactive’s Editor-in-Chief Glenn Haussman is with Mark Viola at BITAC F&B. But instead of the usual show, which emanates from the El Conquistador in Puerto Rico, we’re spending the whole show with one guest; Mark DeCarlo.
  • Mark DeCarlo is a comedian, Emmy Award winning television personality, author and a lot of other stuff that makes us feel like we’re just not doing enough to achieve success. So thanks for that Mr.DeCarlo.
  • Today’s show is a hysterical glimpse into Mark’s life and his years spent on the road hosting a Travel Channel series and writing the book “A Fork in the Road: 400 Cities One Stomach.” We talk about his travels, the unique people he met and his glorious past including his time hosting the early 90s show “Studs.” That’s right you can’t escape your past and we find out neither can Glenn.
  • Enjoy this show which is sure to go down in history as one of the most insane podcasts we have ever done.
  • And be sure to check out : www.Decarloinc.com for more information on DeCarlo swag and be sure to pick up your personalized signed books At www.markdecarlo.com.
Ahoy AAHOA - 7/5/2013

Editor-In-Chief Glenn Haussman is trying not to work too hard. OK, so that isn’t quite true but this week for the podcast we wanted to bring to you a great panel discussion taped at HI Connect Design, which took place this past spring. Here we focus on AAHOA and have the entire board and other key members on hand to share AAHOA’s secrets to success, their mission and how the organization is changing now that it has more than 11,000 members.

We speak with:
  • Fred Schwartz, President, AAHOA
  • Mehul Patel, Chairman, AAHOA
  • Pratik Patel, Vice Chairman, AAHOA
  • Bhavish Patel Mid East Regional Director, AAHOA
  • Atul Patel, Partner, Asha Management
  • Nimesh Zaver, CEO, Insignia Hotel Management
  • Jay "Jimmy", Patel
  • Bharat “Bruce”, Patel

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