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Greenjets New Shared-Ride Jet Service Redefines Private Aviation Industry

Thursday, July 23, 2009
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Private jet travelers, frequent first class flyers and mid to large-sized corporate executives now have an economical and environmentally responsible way to fly private– Greenjets new shared-ride service.

Greenjets shared-ride service offers an option to private travelers that they didn’t have before – the ability to arrange to purchase a seat on a private jet. Greenjets has repackaged the private jet into a more affordable consumer unit – the seat rather than the entire jet. This is unprecedented in the business aviation industry.

Currently, there are basically two options for private jet travel – owning or renting a jet. One can purchase a jet outright, or buy a share in a jet, like a vacation rental timeshare. One can arrange to rent a jet by chartering on an as-needed basis or purchasing a jet card, which is a prepaid commitment to rent a jet for a number of hours per year. All of these options are very expensive and require $3 million to buy a plane or $7,000 per flight to rent.

A seat on a flight through Greenjets will cost only $3,000 – and frequent flyers can get the Greenjetcard, the industry's first and only shared-ride private jet discount card, which saves travelers 60%, or more off the already affordable seat prices. Flights between New York - Florida, for example, are available for as low as $1200 per seat with a Greenjetcard Black level membership.

Private aviation is in most cases used so that executives can save time, increase productivity and travel to multiple places efficiently. However, the $12 billion industry has been on the decline after the big three automakers were reprimanded for flying on their jets to the congressional bailout hearings. Corporations and individuals alike have since been trying to find alternative modes of transportation that are more fiscally responsible. Greenjets offers a sound solution.

In addition to the cost benefit, there is a significant environmental benefit to Greenjets. Flight-sharing reduces the number of jets in the air. Currently there are around 3,500 charter jets available for hire in the US, and many fly with only one or two passengers on board, often between the same markets at the same time. By placing 3 passengers on 1 shared-ride, Greenjets can eliminate two flights and reduces the CO2, noise, air traffic congestion and fossil fuel burn by 2/3 as well.

Greenjets service between New York and Florida began in June, and service to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, and Atlanta will become available during 2009. Throughout 2010 and 2011 twenty-seven markets including Dallas, Houston, Los Vegas and Phoenix will form part of the Greenjets Shared-Ride Network.

It’s a simple idea: the ability to purchase a seat on a private plane is an easy and financially smart way to maintain the productivity of flying private. Sharing the flight with others reduces the number of jets in the air and the impact on our environment. Greenjets provides an innovative way to make better use of people and time – while being environmentally responsible.

For information on rates, the Greenjetcard and other services, visit www.flygreenjets.com.

**Greenjets does not own or operate aircraft - travel service is provided by FAA part 135 air charter operators who maintain operational control at all times. Greenjets is committed to the highest safety, convenience and comfort standards at the lowest possible cost to you and to the environment.
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